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Ziptrak ® Blinds


Ziptrak® Spring operated / Motorised Blinds

Available in clear or tinted PVC designs, as well as a HUGE range of colours in Mesh. Ziptrak Spring Operated and Motorized Blinds run in a track so there are NO GAPS between the sides of your blinds and the verandah posts or house wall. These blinds can virtually make your verandah or patio completely enclosed and weather proof. There are no ropes, zips or straps and most importantly, no draughts - creating a robust design. The spring-operated mechanism allows you to simply wind them up, down or partially open to your desired height. Available with or without hooding, upgrading to remote controlled electric motors is also available as well as spring loaded (hand operated) options.

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  • Leave at any height
  • Lightweight, simple operation
  • Locks into place
  • Potential to reduce your energy bills
  • Up to 6 meters wide
  • 70 – 99% wind, rain, sun and UV protection
  • Offers privacy but maintains the view
  • Motorised

Straight Drop

A less expensive ziptrak out design to Full Track Blinds, the straight drop blind runs clear of any tracks. Extremely versatile and can be installed in areas clear of any posts. Fully gear operated or spring operated, there are no ropes or zips to bring down the design of your patio or verandah. They can be fixed with either clips or straps at the bottom or wherever you decide to place the fixing hooks. When fixed, the blind can then be tensioned to make it taught and prevent it flapping in the wind. Available in clear or tinted PVC designs, as well as a HUGE range of colours in mesh.

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